Vilma Jää Sunset, by Mikko Malmivaara


Vilma Jää

Vilma Jää’s solo music shifts between acoustic and electronic sounds, combining instruments typical of folk music such as kantele, harmonium, hurdy-gurdy and fiddle with synthetic beats as Finno-Ugric tradition flirts with pop aesthetics. Vilma Jää released her debut single Saatanan saalistaja (Fucking Predator) on November 5, 2021. Vilma Jää creates her solo music together with producer-composer Mikko Renfors.
Vilma Jää: voice
at concerts performing with Vilma is Mimi Kantola: live electronics
Vilma Jää Sunset, by Mikko Malmivaara


Innocence by Kaija Saariaho

as Student 1 (Marketa)

Festival d’Aix-en-Provence (2021)
Finnish National Opera (fall 2022)
San Francisco Opera (TBA)
Dutch National Opera (TBA)
Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London (TBA)
Rehearsals for Innocence 2020, by Aleksi Barrière
Jäine, by Mikko Malmivaara




Fresh runolaulu vocal ensemble
Old band members in the photo.
New band members: Vilma Jää, Erika Hammarberg,  Anne-Mari Pitkänen and Laura Maria Rinta
Jäine, by Mikko Malmivaara




Glitter & trad.!
Vilma Jää: voice, whistling, harmonium, fiddle, piano
Laura Maria Rinta (née Petäjä): voice, whistling, double bass, cello
mammantytöt! in Stairs, by Henri Rinta-Koivula
SibA Folk Big Band, by Jimmy Träskelin

SibA Folk Big Band

(aboard 2015–2020)

More is More!
SibA Folk Big Band, by Jimmy Träskelin

Musta lammas

(aboard 2016–2018)

Irresistible grooves and delicious soundscapes, made by 23 voices
Musta lammas 2017, by Tuomas Salo


Vilma Jää – Saatanan saalistaja

(Jäähile Records 2021)

SibA Folk Big Band – Katrilli toisesta elämästä

(SibaRecords 2019)

mammantytöt! – Glitter & trad.

(Jäähile Records 2017)