Vilma Jää is a musician, singer, composer, fiddler and researcher who works in the fields of folk music, pop music and opera.


In October 2023, Jää released her highly anticipated debut album, Kosto (Revenge), that combines centuries-old stories with electronic music. Kosto album won the Ethno of the Year award at the Emma Gala and the Folk Music Album of the Year award at Eläköön FOLK! -gala in 2024. The album’s pre-released singles Saatanan saalistaja, Humalahullu and Jäinen neiti have made their way onto major radio playlists. Vilma Jää was chosen on music media YleX's list of artists they predict will make their break-through in 2023. In January 2022, Saatanan saalistaja was chosen on a list of 100 best songs in the world in Finland's leading newspaper Helsingin sanomat. Jää creates her ethnopop music together with producer-composer Mikko Renfors


Beyond her solo work, Jää showcases folk singing techniques in Kaija Saariaho’s last opera Innocence, receiving acclaim worldwide for her vocal performance and portrayal of the character Markéta .

Vilma Jää @ Kuudes linja, by Mikko Malmivaara

Jää is a versatile composer. Apart from her ethnopop as a solo artist, she has composed heavily tradition-inspired music for SibA Folk Big Band and her a cappella ensemble Jäine. Jää's roots in traditional music as well as her long background in both a cappella and instrumental music have had a great impact on her compositional style. Her compositions for solo piano have been described as cinematic and capturing.


Vilma Jää earned her Master's degree in music from the Sibelius Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki in 2021. She conducts research on Finnish and Karelian herding call traditions, developing a graphic notation system suitable for conveying as much information as possible about this unique style of music. Her research has been supported by the Niilo Helander Foundation and the Arts Promotion Centre Finland. 


Vilma Jää designs and sews her performance and photoshoot outfits, inspired by folk costumes. She also makes and sells jewellery using recycled materials and is passionate about crafts and everything DIY.

Jää and Saariaho in rehearsals for Innocence, by Jean-Louis Fernandez